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Auto Accident - Arm Injury - $1,300,000.00 settlement.

Our client was an 85 year old woman driving her car and was hit by a dump truck after running a red light.  The truck had been hired by the City to remove debris from a work site. The injury required multiple surgeries resulting in 50% loss of function of her arm.  However, this incredibly brave and strong woman survived this horrific experience.

Back Injury Results in Wrongful Death - $1,000,000.00 settlement

In summer of 2017, our client suffered a back injury while a passenger in a rented motor home. The driver of the motor home crashed into a toll booth causing our client to be thrown about the cabin of the motor home. To help the back pain, he was prescribed physical therapy and a specific exercise he was given aggravated his diabetes leading to gangrene of his lower extremities. Ultimately, due to the trauma to his entire body, our client passed away leaving a wife and adult children. The insurance fought the issue of whether the death was caused by the accident, and we were able to convince the insurance company that the accident was a trigger which started a chain of serious medical issues leading to our client’s death.

Automobile accident - $775,000.00 Settlement.

Our client was rear-ended suffering a herniated disc in his lower back necessitating a spinal fusion. A claim was brought against the at fault party which settled for his policy limits of $100,000.00. An underinsured motorist claim was then brought against our client’s own insurance which resulted in payment of an additional $675,000.00. This case underscores the need for drivers to carry very substantial limits for uninsured motorist coverage. This coverage comes to play when the at-fault party doesn’t have liability insurance, or not enough liability insurance, which was the case here.

Auto Accident - Head Injury - $500,000.00 policy limits.

Our clients were driving their vehicle on their way home from an event when they were struck by a drunk driver.  Our client suffered a head injury which thankfully was non-life threatening and did not require surgery.  Our other client suffered severe emotional distress witnessing his wife becoming seriously injured.  This was an uninsured motorist claim where the drunk driver did not have insurance and demonstrates why it is so important to carry large limits of uninsured motorist coverage, of no less than $100,000.00.

Auto Accident - Knee Injury - $500,000.00 policy limits

Our client was driving his vehicle when another car made an illegal left turn in front of him.  His knee was seriously injured in the accident from hitting the dash board.  After the surgery, his knee became infected prompting another surgery and a long recovery. This was an underinsured motorist claim where the responsible driver did not have enough insurance and demonstrates why it is so important to carry large limits of uninsured/underinsured motorist coverages, of no less than $100,000.00.

Dog Bite - Settlement $500,000.00 policy limits

Child 10 years old went next door to play with his friend. As he approached the front door, the neighbor’s German Shepard bolted through the front screen door and attacked our client.  The child suffered facial lacerations requiring extensive plastic surgery.

Shoulder Injury Resulting from Fall Over Speaker Stands - $380,000.00 settlement

In May of 2017, a college graduation was held at a local college in Southern California. The college hired an audio/video company who placed tripods into the common pedestrian traffic areas. The legs of the tripods jutted out and blended in with the grounds making the legs nearly invisible to pedestrians. Our client tripped and fell over one of the legs, causing serious shoulder injuries necessitating surgery. We were able to show that the tripods were placed in an unsafe manner, and that the pedestrians should have been diverted away from the tripods for safety reasons.

Auto Accident Resulting in Shoulder Surgery $300,000.00 with Uninsured Motorist Carrier

In February of 2016, our client was driving her Honda Civic westbound on Riverside Drive with the intention of turning left onto Laurel Canyon. Our client waited for the light to turn red for oncoming eastbound traffic and she began to make her left-hand turn. A speeding vehicle ran the red light at eastbound Laurel Canyon T-Boning our client’s vehicle. Our client suffered what started out as a seemingly minor shoulder injury. However, the injury got worse with time eventually necessitating arthroscopic shoulder surgery. During surgery, a micro-nerve in the shoulder was damaged resulting in a small degree of permanent numbness. The opposing insurance company paid their policy limits of $15,000.00 quickly, and during litigation, we were able to secure our client’s remaining underinsured motorist policy limits for a total resolution of $300,000.00.

Dog Bite - $250,000.00.

Our client was invited to a friend’s house who had a very large St. Bernard.  The dog seemed friendly so our client want to pet him. The dog had never bitten anyone before so the homeowner had no warning that it would bite a guest.  When our client knelt down to pet the dog, it lunged at her face, causing a deep laceration above her eyebrow.  This injury required plastic surgery.  This case is an example that in California, a homeowner is responsible for animal bites regardless of whether the animal had ever bitten someone before.

Trip and Fall - Elbow Injury - $200,000.00 settlement

Our client was an elderly woman who was window shopping at a retail dress store. Earlier in the day, the store owner opened the security gate, but left the gate track on the ground.  Our client tripped and fell on the track injuring her elbow requiring surgery.

Dog Bite - Settlement $100,000.00 policy limits.

This dog mauling was considered one of the worst maulings in North Hollywood history.  Our client was a senior who lived next door to the owner of pit bulls.  One day he heard one of the dogs yelping in pain but the owner wasn’t home.  Believing the dog was suffering, he went next door to help the dog, which had its neck caught between the gate and the house.  Our client was able to get the dog loose, but it then attacked him.  From the backyard the two other dogs heard the commotion and ran to the front yard. They too then attacked our client who was now being mauled by three Pits.  The owner of the dogs refused to voluntarily euthanize them prompting a “trial” by the city of North Hollywood to see if the dogs should be euthanized.  Ultimately it was determined by a judge that the dogs were dangerous to the community and were euthanized.

Burn Injuries - $100,000.00 policy limits.

Our client was a guest at her friend’s home. The water heater was set at the maximum setting which damaged the rubber gasket in the valve to turn on the water.  When our client turned on the hot water, the valve failed spraying scalding hot water on our client’s legs, causing serious second degree burns.

Burn Injuries - $100,000.00 settlement.

Our client was a five year girl who went to a donut shop with her mother.  The mother ordered coffee which was being handed to the mother in a styrofoam cup by the person behind the counter.  However, the coffee was too hot, and the server couldn’t hold onto the cup and dropped it.  The coffee spilled from the cup, and spilled onto the chest of our client, causing second degree burns.

Dog Bite Settlement, $100,000.00 (policy limits)

Our client lived in a track with community mailboxes. Our client was going to get her mail when a neighbor’s dog bolted from the garage and grabbed onto our client’s arm tearing the skin and requiring several sutures. She was left with permanent scaring on her arm. The medical expenses were approximately $57.00. The homeowner’s insurance company tried to argue that because the medical expenses were so low, the case had very little value. We were able to prove to them that the medical expenses were irrelevant to the seriousness of this injury and they settled the claim for their policy limits. This is a very typical insurance company tactic.

Back Injury Settlement, $100,000.00 (policy limits - underinsured motorist)

Our client suffered back injuries in a low to moderate impact auto accident. She underwent chiropractic and orthopedic care then eventually was referred to a pain management doctor for epidural injections. An MRI showed a small disc bulge. Defendant’s insurance company had only $15,000.00 of insurance, which they paid promptly. We then brought an underinsured motorist claim against our client’s insurance who then paid her remaining $85,000.00. This is one more example why carrying high limits of uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage is critically important for family security.

NOTE: Carrying very large limits of uninsured motorist of at least $100,000.00, is highly recommend for anyone. This case scenario is extremely common where the at-fault party is underinsured. Had our client in the above case not had a large policy for uninsured motorist coverage, she would have recovered substantially less, if anything at all. Her premium for her $300,000.00 uninsured motorist policy was $50.00 per year.

"These cases are representative samples of actual cases our office has resolved. However, all cases are unique and these samples are in no way meant to provide you with an estimate or evaluation of your particular case."

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