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Accidents involving large commercial semi-trucks are a lot more common than many people realize. Sadly, due to the immense size and weight of these vehicles, semi-truck accidents are often fatal. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 361 truck accident deaths in California in 2017. This follows an alarming trend of a steady increase in large truck-related fatalities in the state over the past five years.

When they are not fatal, semi-truck accidents often result in catastrophic injury. At the Law Offices of Barry L. Edzant, we have seen firsthand the devastation a serious trucking collision can have—both on the victim and his or her family. Our experienced Santa Clarita-based truck accident attorney, Barry Edzant, is prepared to offer you the aggressive representation you deserve.

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Proving Liability in Trucking Accident Cases

Trucking accident claims tend to be much more complex than other types of vehicle accident claims. This is largely due to the number of potentially liable parties involved. While truck drivers have a duty to drive in a reasonably safe manner, they are also operating these vehicles for larger trucking companies. Therefore, a truck driver can be held partially or fully responsible for an accident, but his or her employer is often at fault as well.

Depending on the cause of the accident, as well as other relevant factors, any of the following parties may be liable for a truck accident:

  • The truck driver
  • The trucking company that employs the driver
  • The person/company responsible for truck maintenance
  • The company that owns/leases the vehicle
  • A manufacturer of a defective truck part

For example, if a truck driver has prior convictions for driving under the influence but the trucking company that hired him failed to conduct a background check or random drug/alcohol testing, the trucking company may be liable in the event that the truck driver causes an accident while intoxicated.

Why You Need an Attorney

To reiterate, trucking accident claims are highly complex. There are often multiple liable parties involved and, what’s more, trucking companies typically work quickly after an accident to minimize their costs and reduce bad publicity. In most cases, they will send an accident investigator to the scene of the collision immediately after the crash occurs. If you were injured in the accident, you will likely be contacted by an insurance adjuster soon after. Do not speak to this adjuster, accept a settlement, or sign any forms until you have spoken to an attorney. This is crucial, as the trucking company’s insurance provider will often offer a settlement that is much too low to meet your needs.

At the Law Offices of Barry L. Edzant, we have spent more than 25 years assisting severely injured victims and the surviving family members of those wrongfully killed throughout Los Angeles County. Our Santa Clarita truck accident attorney is well-versed in these types of complicated claims, and we work tirelessly to help you secure the maximum compensation you are owed. While financial compensation can never undo the suffering you and your family have been through, it can allow you to handle your medical bills, make up for lost wages, and heal from the physical and emotional costs of the accident.

If you were severely injured or your loved one was killed in a trucking accident, call our firm at 661-222-9929 for an immediate free consultation.

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