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By now, everybody has heard of the infamous McDonald’s case, wherein an elderly woman going through a drive-through at a McDonald’s placed hot coffee in her lap, which caused injuries. A trial took place, and the elderly woman Plaintiff was awarded several million dollars in damages. “That’s ridiculous!” and “The jury system is out of control!” are common reactions to this case.

What is misunderstood about the McDonald’s case is the fact that McDonald’s had been warned on several previous occasions that the hot coffee temperatures were dangerous and not in conformity with California law. Also, the burns suffered by the victim were extraordinarily severe, causing second-degree vaginal burns necessitating extensive painful surgery. Also, the substantial award that everyone seems to be up in arms about was substantially reduced by the court.

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Nevertheless, burn injuries are very serious and painful. A second-degree burn typically occurs from scalding liquids, which cause extreme blistering, loss of skin, and potential infection. These types of burns must be treated immediately at a hospital and, for victims, are extraordinarily painful. These types of cases often are seen due to negligent food and beverage service; failure to monitor water temperatures at hotels, public establishments; and the like.

Third-degree burns are usually caused by fire and represent the most heinous and dangerous type of burn case imaginable. Third-degree burns are often deadly, and the road to recovery from third-degree burns for survivors is long and painful. Furthermore, the scarring left by third-degree burns is often grotesque and physically and emotionally permanent. These types of cases typically arise from defective products, or ordinary negligence resulting from an individual’s carelessness.

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